Newsletter – December 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re excited to give you some updates on Zoom events, a 2024 US Tour for Sister Lucy, and Maher’s year-end giving campaign. Read on to learn more…

Zooms with Sister Lucy

November 2023 Zoom:

We had a lovely ZOOM gathering with Sr. Lucy and Hira on Giving Tuesday in November. We heard all the news since August, celebrations, Sports Camp, and so many wonderful photos of the children and other residents.

Watch the recording here! 

Upcoming Zooms:

Zooms with Sr Lucy are on hold until mid-2024 as we and Sr Lucy prepare for her visits to the US in Spring 2024. 


Spring 2024 US Tour

Stay tuned for more information about Sr Lucy’s Spring 2024 US Tour. Hira may be able to join her! Hira has been with Maher since nearly the very beginning and serves as President alongside Founder/Director Sr Lucy Kurien.


Your Support Matters!

While shopping or browsing online this holiday season, we hope you will make Maher a part of your charitable giving. Maher has been receiving many new admissions from local government referrals and from the streets. We want to welcome these new children and adults with open hearts into the Maher family and make them feel at home. Your support could mean a world of new opportunities for these individuals.

Maher’s goal this year is to raise enough funds to purchase:

  • 600 sweaters and 100 school bags ($6 each) For many of the children as winter arrives, especially up north in Jharkhand, a warm sweater is a must. These items belong to the child and are sometimes they are the first item that a child can truly call their own.
A group of children sitting in rows on the floor eating a meal together. There is a sign in the background that says Happy Children's Day

Maher children having lunch during a Children’s Day celebration

  • 500 blankets and bed sheets ($9 per set) for Women’s Homes (several locations). While it doesn’t snow in most of India, it still gets cold. Blankets are greatly appreciated! Being warm and comfortable at night lends to a feeling of safety after life on the streets or in threatening homes.
  • 200 nightgowns ($2.50 each) for Women’s Homes (several locations). Women often come to Maher with nothing but the clothing on their backs, and a fresh clean nightgown provides such relief and comfort.
A group of Indian women pose for the camera. The women are wearing traditional Indian saris and salwar kameez. There are two men and a baby off to one side. They wall behind them is painted red and has Maher's interfaith flag on it.

Residents and staff of one of Maher’s Women’s Homes

  • 4 mixer/grinders for food prep ($87 each) for four Maher Houses. All of Maher’s foods are prepared on site by residents, often 2 people cooking for 20-30 children! Every bit of help makes a big difference!
  • Replacement water tank ($450) for Warda Home. The existing one is leaking. Many of our 68 Homes, whether we own them or have them on rent, require repairs.

We know that with your help, Maher’s residents will grow and thrive, becoming successful members of society. We’ve seen the positive impact your support has made. Whatever amount you can give will help us continue to make a positive, lasting impact on these children’s lives.

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(Please be sure to leave “Allow US Giving to Maher to contact me” checked so you can get emails about news and events, including Lucy’s upcoming US Tour!)

Your kindness and generosity are the very heartbeats of Maher. Your support has the power to rewrite the future for these children and adults, to give them the opportunities and love they deserve.

Thank you!

The US Giving to Maher Board