Proudly supporting the extraordinary work of MAHER

USGM Goal: People of India have the opportunity for a decent life, dignity, and happiness regardless of caste, gender, or religion

Engaging people in the US with the work of MAHER across India

Highlights of MAHER's unique work

Beyond Shelter Homes

Reaching out to rural areas, empowering and developing self-sufficiency through awareness programs, vocational courses, self-help groups & more.

Relief work

Maher always stands at the forefront to rescue people in calamity. COVID Relief services, Floods in Kerala, Satara, Kolhapur, & Kolkata. Support to slums, migrant workers.

Why do we support Maher?

Maher is an engine of positive change and unconditional love. Their programs are tremendously effective at helping people and communities break free of poverty and oppression in empowering and sustainable ways. Even with exponential growth, Maher’s work is led by its original core values and integrity.

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